KAKAOFRIENDS Little Ryan Mini Baker 1ea

Home Party Essentials Mini Baker

For home parties with friends or snacks for children
Introducing a mini baker that will add a spoonful of cuteness.

Ryan enjoying coffee and riding on a hot cake
Cute Ryan is photographed back and forth.

From Recolet, a leading brand of baking and toasting,
It is a product that you can trust and use.

-About 3 minutes cooked (※Bake time may vary depending on the cooking content and recipe.)
-Preheating/heating lamp
-Bottom sucker
-Burn prevention handle







How To Use
Connect the power to the main unit to warm up the device. (The lamp goes out after preheating is complete).

Pour the prepared dough, taking care not to spill over the plate.
* The order and time of baking may vary depending on the cooking content and recipe.

Close the cover slowly. After setting the time with a timer, etc., open the cover when the reference time has elapsed.
* The lamp lights according to the plate temperature. Since the lamp turns off and on is due to the automatic temperature control function of the main body, it is not a malfunction. Please use it with confidence.

With the cover open, take out the food with wooden or heat-resistant resin chopsticks or forks.

Voltage & Power
[Rated voltage] 220V, 60Hz / [Power consumption] 350W

[Body] About 13*15*10cm, 580g / [Power cord length] about 1m

[Body] Phenolic resin / [Plate] Aluminum die-casting (non-stick processing)


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