KAKAOFRIENDS Lunchbox Jordy 1ea

I'll help you with a healthy, delicious meal.
These days I want to go anywhere, I go on a picnic with Jordi.

The jordi bean lunch box is an outer box, an inner top,
The inner tray, the sharing tray, and the sharing bar.

The inner tray and the top plate can be separated.
The inner tray is made of BPA-free tritan material.
You can use a microwave oven or dishwasher without worrying about environmental hormones.
* Use the top compartment when using the dishwasher.





[Body (inner side)] Tritan (polycyclohexane-1, 4-dimethylene terephthalate)
[Lid (inside)] polypropylene, rubber

Approximately 21.5×15.4×4.5 cm
[Weight] 590 g (including package)

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