THE FACE SHOP The Solution Mask 20g



[Hydrating Moisture Mask - Hyaluronic Acid]
Contains hyaluronic acid, which helps deliver moisture to dry skin, intensive moisturizing and excellent water retention.
[Moisturizing Mask - Ceramides]
Containing ceramides that help strengthen the skin prevent from drying out, create moisture barrier, help cultivate a skin moisture.
[Brightening Whitening Mask - Pearl & niacinamide]
Contains Nacinamide and Pearl extract that help cultivate brighter and cleaner skin.

[Radiance Mask - Vitamin C & niacinamide]
Provides sheen to lifeless skin restoring skin tone and tonus.

[Firming Elasticity Mask - Collagen and adenosine]
Collagen and adenosine promote skin elasticity resorting firmness and tight surface of tired skin.

[Wrinkle Care Mask - Peptide & Adenosine]
Gives firmness to the skin, provides young and healthy skin care.

[Nourishing Nutrition Mask - Propolis and adenosine]
For weak and powerless, tired skin. It brings a wealth of nutrition and vitality.

[Soothing calming Mask - Madecassoside]
Madecassoside ingredient contains natural energy, calms sensitive skin gently.

[Pore care Mask - Tannin]
This natural polyphenols in tannin, calms the skin and gives a pores care.

[Smoothing Keratin Care Mask - BHA]
Gentle care for rough skin, makes the skin smooth and soft texture.

How to Use 
After washing, wipe off skin with a toner, pull out the mask sheet and unfold it.
Attach tightly onto face by adjusting eyes and nose area.
Remove it after 10~20 minutes, and gently tap the remaining essence for absorption. Best Price on Latest Korean Makeup & Skincare products,free samples, product request, fast delivery, worldwide shipping