[mini] MAKE P:REM Safe me. Relief Green Cleansing Water 100ml

This is a hypoallergenic moisture mist that effectively moisturizes and soothes your skin without causing skin irritation. 

95% of its ingredients are naturally driven. It is ideal for sensitive and dry skin types.

This moisture mist is not a gas-type mist; it is a moisture spray that ejects fine moisture particles that moisturizes your skin deeply.

Natural essential oil will soothe and refresh your skin at the same time with a refreshing forest scent.

It is a skin-friendly, non-skin irritating, and hypoallergenic moisture mist for face that you can use all day long,

 including after skincare routine, before and after makeup, and whenever your skin feels dry.

How to Use 

Shake well before use, and spray on face or other areas at the distance of 20-30cm. 

Highly recommend to use in any place where your skin feels dehydrated. 

*Expiration date: 30 months from the date of manufacturing, 6 months after initial use.


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