[Valentine Collection]



142 Diva

158 Rosy Dream

235 Mi Amor Seoul

299 Jealousy



A luxury lipstick that adds shine to SEOULISTA's special moments with the perfect combination of its elegant design, rich colors and smooth texture


Bold Touch

For ultimate, never-before-experienced levels of smoothness

HERA's original technology created a stable formula with glide-over texture, which applies as smoothly as silk to leave the lips feeling supremely comfortable.


Bold Color

Intense, highly saturated colors

High pigment concentration delivers intense, bold color to the lips and stays on without caking.


Bold Moment

Luxury design inspired by the beautiful elegant silhouette and vibrant energy of SEOULISTA

The smooth curves of the case reflect elegant and glamorous feminine beauty, while the dynamic changing pattern is an embodiment of SEOULISTA's personality. Weighty magnetic closure adds to the design's high-end feel.